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XOve Baby Story 

XOve Baby Story 




The mission of XOve™ goes hand in hand with our slogan: "Nurturing the joys of life with HUGS, KISSES, and LOVE!"

Children are the true joys of life! Every child deserves a sense of comfort. For that reason every order placed at XOve will result in the donation of one brand new product to a child in need. With your support we can make a difference.  

XOve Baby Story



Our Story

In 2011, we were newly engaged and living through a long distance relationship. We found that ending a conversation from so many miles away could only be made easier through one last sign of affection. Ordinarily our goodbye would be followed by XOXO or Love. On one occasion these two words were combined to read XOve. This new expression of love became our goodbye and brought us comfort. Now, as we begin our own family, we hope that XOve will bring that comfort to your family, as well as to those in need

XOve Baby Story



When viewed, the name XOve resonates a feeling of happiness and joy that can only be compared to the genuine enjoyment children reveal to us every day. Infants and children celebrate a pure passion for life that can bring a smile to anyone’s face. It is for this reason that here at XOve we have made it our mission to nurture these joys of life through our apparel and products

XOve Baby Story


Unfortunately, not all children have the opportunity to own a new set of clothes they can call their own. Also, these children may never get the chance to feel the comfort and warmth of a new blanket

With your help XOve will challenge this issue by donating a brand new product for every order placed to children and families in need. By joining the XOve family, you will be provided with top quality products for your loved ones while directly influencing the life of another.

Thank you for helping us #sharethexove

Donnie & Bethany

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