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Baby Product Donations

We're on a mission to comfort babies in need.

The beginning of the process starts with you! For every order placed, one brand new item is given to a child in need. Making a purchase for your little one will go on to touch the lives of others. 

As orders are placed, our Giving Team works hard to coordinate the next giving opportunity. During this step of the process, your contribution is assembled, along with others, to form the next donation. Our team strives to coordinate the most effective and influential contribution possible.

XOve Baby Donation


Once the orders are fulfilled and the donation is assembled; it's time for delivery. The Giving Team, working alongside 501(c)3 organizations, coordinates distribution of the donation.


The Delivery is not the final step of the giving process, but just the beginning of another cycle. We are committed to expansion of the current giving offerings, reaching new charitable locations, and repeating the giving cycle many times over.

XOve Baby Giving Locations

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Interested in partnering with us on our next giving donation? We'd love to hear from you! Please take a second to fill out our Giving Partnership Application.

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