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Time Flies | Growing Up With Your Kids

Posted on 31 August 2016

Time flies!

We say it all the time... but it really does with babies around that seem to sprout like weeds! Yes, those first few weeks with a newborn in your arms seem to go by in an instant. And YES, we wish we could bottle up each and every moment to last forever. In our home (with an 11 week and almost 22 month old) we get to cherish so many of these growth spurts and life events all at once.

We really do need time to slow to a snail’s pace...

Our two month baby checkup is now behind us and it's time for the 2 year birthday planning to begin. Maybe it’s all the back to school photos being posted on social media, or the ending days of summer, but something has us all sentimental over here.

It’s all too easy for us as parents when looking back at the days and weeks since birth to think to ourselves that we may have missed out on special moments due to work, life, and unavoidable interruptions.

You can’t think like that.

You need to know that in your child’s eyes you are the world and everything you do is done for them. Be thankful for all the time you have spent with them, the lessons learned, the belly laughs, and know each new day is a blessing with your child.

We know firsthand that trying to raise a family and be the best parents possible while also growing a business can seem impossible. Some days it may be for only a few minutes, or others may be a day full of excitement, but for that period of time with our children we give them our full hearts.

To the parents dropping your child off to school for the first time, to the mom going back to the office after leave, to the dad traveling for work, to the mother or father juggling the world at home… know that you are doing an amazing job! It's a monumental task to be a parent and know that you are everything to your child.

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