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Posted on 17 March 2016

The clocks have sprung forward and azaleas are starting to bloom here on the coast in North Carolina. You know what that means... Spring is here (well maybe not officially for a few more days, but it feels like it's here!). It also means more time spent outside, more time at the beach, and less time being stuck in the house with a toddler who doesn't stop moving ;)

The changing of seasons is also happening in our family as we prepare for baby #2. Can you believe it? Yea neither can we! How did we get so lucky to have another baby and how in the world are we going to keep up with a baby and toddler at once!?

We are in love with the new addition to our family already, but until she arrives we are going to spoil little Jack every single day! With a growing family it isn't long where you are able to focus only on one baby and we want to take full advantage of this time. So, if that means frozen yogurt before dinner, beach mornings followed up with beach evenings, or playing outside (which is his favorite thing to do) all day long... it's happening!

These days are the special days and we don't want to take any moment for granted. Yes, some are tougher than others and time seems to slip by in the wink of an eye but we are living in the moments.

Father and Son Beach DayBaby at the beachBaby picking up shellsSpring baby and azaleasMaternity photo at the beachBaby bump

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