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Baby's First Flight | Tips For Taking Your Baby On An Airplane

Posted on 24 November 2015

This past week we set off on our first big trip with the baby and headed towards my hometown in Pennsylvania. It was a wonderful long weekend of sharing childhood memories, visiting family, and Jack's 1st flight!

I would be lying if I told you we weren't nervous to travel on a plane with a 12 month old baby. But, with much preparation (and the help of quick flights) we really had a fun time traveling together. It was so much fun to witness everything new through his eyes and definitely brought us closer as a family.

We are certainly not experts but want to share our list of on flight baby essentials:

  1. Baby bottle / sippy cup (for takeoff and landing)
  2. Swaddle (for comfort and light warmth on cold flights)
  3. Snacks, snacks, and more snacks (we love puffs!)
  4. Pacifiers (grab a few because they'll get dropped, lost, or simply disappear into thin air)
  5. Books (great for sitting in your lap & luckily Jack's favorite toy)
  6. Videos (last resort distraction)
  7. Lolli Pop (last last resort once videos fail)

We were fortunate enough to be traveling as a mommy/daddy team so it was nice to pass the little guy back and forth throughout the trip. But, whether traveling solo or as a team here are a few tips that helped on our journey:

  • As mentioned above, once we hit the runway and during the final descent it was important to give the baby a bottle or drink of some sort. This is both a great time consumer, but also helps with regulating the change in pressure.
  • Bringing along a comfort item such as a swaddle blanket or lovey does wonders with helping the baby feel comfortable in the new environment.
  • This is the one time I'd suggest over packing on food. Take along plenty of time consuming snacks that will hold their interest and not fill them up too fast.
  • I wouldn't normally suggest buying time with a video screen, but you'll quickly realize that on a plane a backup plan is key. We went with a Baby Einstein video and found it was nice to break up the snacking and distractions with a quick video.

In the end, traveling as a family and being able to witness new experiences through your child's eyes is priceless. Enjoy a few photos below from our flights and a day on the family farm of Jack's great-grandparents:

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1 comment

  • Ricky Watkins: November 24, 2015

    Thanks for great “flight advice” !
    It’s obvious that your entire family loved this first !

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