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One | Baby's First Birthday Celebration Number 1 Theme

Posted on 10 November 2015

One year for many may seem like a lifetime. But, when speaking in mommy and daddy terms one year flies by in the blink of an eye! Days become minutes, weeks become hours, and months become days. So many special milestones and memories are squeezed into such a small amount of time.

We cannot believe that today our little baby is one year old! You've all been there so we know you can relate; "It was only yesterday that we were waking up every hour", "Just the other day we were practicing tummy time and today he/she's taking steps". It's amazing to make yet another milestone and stop to reflect on all that has happened since the hospital visit just one year ago.

Oh has it been a fun wild ride! We've often gone to bed earlier and waken up (much) earlier than we used to, holidays and special occasions have a new meaning, venturing out into public and going on vacations has much more strategy involved these days, and a simple baby giggle brightens every day.

This past weekend we celebrated our boy with lots of love from family and friends. Take a peek at the fun below:

1st Birthday InvitationBaby Boy 1st Birthday PartyBaby Boy 1st Birthday PartyBaby Boy 1st Birthday PartyBaby Boy 1st Birthday Party1st baby birthday partyBaby Boy 1st Birthday Party

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