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Dad Talk | 10 Things I Didn't Know Before Becoming A Dad

Posted on 27 August 2015

Many different things happen throughout your life that end up being life changing events; First day of school, first kiss, getting a drivers license, graduating from high school, going to college, falling in love, getting married, and the list goes on...

At each stage in life you stop and think "wow isn't this something?", but I can tell you nothing compares to that moment a child is brought into your life! The sheer joy, wonder, fear, happiness, stress, and range of emotions happen immediately at the time of birth and continue with you every single day.

Being a parent isn't easy, but man is it worth it! From the moment you announce a baby is on the way you'll be flooded with advice, questions, tips, and tricks. Throw that all out the window and realize you'll be finding everything out in your own, not perfect (sometimes crazy), kind of way.

Below is my fun little list of 10 things I would have never known or thought to know before becoming a Dad:

    1. Those annoying and useless plastic grocery bags that have been maxing out your pantry quickly become essential tools for those over the top and out of this world diaper changes (also known as "blow-outs").
    2. You know that awesome feeling when you have a package out on delivery to arrive at your home? Well let's see how you feel when your baby finally goes down for a nap after a 2 hour battle and that precious package happens to arrive 10 seconds later (add a barking dog to that scenario and you have pure chaos!)
    3. Add singing master to your resume because you'll quickly be an expert in the art of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, The Itsy Bitsy Spider, Old McDonald, and The Wheels On The Bus...
    4. ...Your dreams will begin to include the tunes: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, The Itsy Bitsy Spider, Old McDonald, and The Wheels On The Bus!
    5. Having never taken a karate class you'll question your past life as you inherently have the abilities of a Ninja when going stealth mode while sneaking in and out of the nursery.
    6. Puffs are awesome! These glorious little meal time extending miracles, when rationed strategically, will add precious minutes to restaurant outings.
    7. Snaps are not awesome! Many sleep outfits have between 10 and 100 (well seems like 100) snaps that are next to impossible to locate (and match with the correct counterpart) while your baby is squirming around like a wet fish. FYI, be careful to not miss one or you'll be taking them all apart to start from the beginning before you know it.
    8. When your little detective is on the move it is simply impossible to baby proof your entire house. Baby Sherlock Holmes will find, locate, and attempt to remove (by hand or mouth) any object detrimental to their health.
    9. Days are long and months are too short. You'll be checking your clock for dinner and come to find out its only 9:47AM, but before you know it another month has flown by and a new milestone card photo shoot is happening before your eyes.
    10. Nothing, I mean nothing, is more special and heart warming than being greeted by your baby's smile at the start of a new day.

 I'd love to hear your additions to this list! Add them in the comments below.

- Donnie

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