New Beginnings | Newborn Photography Session

Posted on 16 June 2015

New BeginningsNew BeginningsNew BeginningsNew BeginningsNew Beginnings
◊ Photos by Treebird Photography

New beginnings are a wonderful opportunity to witness firsthand the magic of something new and experience the wonder of what is yet to come! Our family has been full of our own new beginnings lately with the addition of little Jack, the transition to becoming a family of three, and all that XOve Baby has given back to us.  

Bethany and I think it's only fitting that our first blog post shares a glimpse into our lives and reflects the joy of our first days as a family.

No matter how much advice is received (wanted or not) and countless books read (Google searches too!) it is hard to imagine the true joy that is added to one's life with the addition of a baby. The saying is true that the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.

We hope that you enjoy these photos and follow along for future posts!  Thank you for being a part of XOve!

Blue Striped Swaddle | Nantucket

Gray Swaddle Blanket | Signature 

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